Das orderbird Team im Office in Berlin

Your career at orderbird

orderbird started with a simple idea: that it's time for the sales register to take the leap into the 21st century. Back in 2011, when Jakob, Bastian and Patrick established the orderbird company, they were quickly able to find suitable talent to help bring their idea to life. Now, over 110 employees with diverse and interesting personalities shape our young and dynamic start-up environment in the heart of Berlin.

We're a team - and we want you to join us!

Open Positions

Maybe you're actively looking for a new position, maybe you want a change of direction, or maybe you're on the lookout for a new challenge - apply now and write your success story at orderbird!

We want you: Your ability, your experience, your passion, your personality and your enthusiasm!

Tech & Product
We code for burgers and beer. Our systems handle over 26 million orders each month. An average daily usage time of 8 hours in our app won’t make us flinch! And to keep things running, we rely on scrum…and lots of post-its.
Sales & Growth
Let’s show potential customers how orderbird can help their business take flight! With our work we develop orderbird’s growth.
Marketing & Brand
We are very passionate about making orderbird internationally famous and are proud to be the most googled cash register brand in Germany! orderbird represents Europe's leading iPad POS for gastronomy as well as a friendly and reliable team. Fun fact: What is a Twisky? Correct, Tequila with Whisky :)
Customer Care & Success
We’ve made setting up a POS System an exciting adventure, and our customers more successful using it. We definitely see ourselves as superheroes, teachers and hospitality whisperers, but certainly not as a callcenter. Most importantly: We f****** love our customers!
People & Organisations
We are a little bold and always on an equal footing with all our birds. Our mission is to let orderbird and its amazing teams grow and develop in one of the greatest offices in Berlin.
Finance & Business Intelligence
Everything falls into place here - we enforce data informed decisions. Our vision is an organization in which all decisions are made uncomplicated, fast and with full understanding of all relevant information and data.
Speculative application
Haven't found your dream-job yet? Then we can't wait for your speculative application!
The IT- team at work

This is what awaits you at orderbird...

  • a young and diverse team
  • passion and enthusiasm for technology and hospitality
  • friendly and dedicated colleagues
  • a good work-life balance and attractive pay
  • a trusting self-directed working style with personal responsibility
  • perfect conditions to spread your wings and further your personal development

Our weekly communal breakfast is where all things orderbird get exchanged - meaning everyone stays up to date. Beside our regular events, we also get together for sport. There's yoga once a week and the next tournament of football (soccer?!) or table tennis is never far off.

4,000 cups and the tendency is rising!

We drink 4,000 cups of coffee per month. And counting.

We speak 10 languages, fluently!

We speak 10 languages fluently.

We are culturally very diverse

Our team consists of 15 different nationalities.

We hang out together

We spend 20 hours a month together outside the office.

Working at orderbird - these values are important to us.

In the team

All for one, one for all. Nothing new, but it's important to us.

Focus on the goal

We know where we're going. The path to get there is often long, rocky and unfamiliar. Meaning strong focus is the only way to the goal.

The customer is king

Every thought, every endeavour, every move - everything we do, we do for one person: the customer.


We don't follow pre-canned or tired patterns. Working with us allows you the freedom to be creative, to carve out new paths and walk them.


Self-initiative is a pre-requisite. Every one of us acts proactively and thrives on responsibility.

Clear Structures

Our transparent working structures give you room to breathe, allowing us to both live according to our values and to work together effectively.

Our office in the heart of Berlin

Innovative ideas need freedom to develop. Our modern office with a roof terrace and its own café and our young team create the best conditions for this.