Delivery Connection – Online orders. Simplified.

As a cafe, food truck and restaurant owner, offer your drinks and food to order from anywhere. Connect on-site ordering, online ordering and all major delivery platforms like Wolt, UberEats and many more.

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Benefits of Delivery Connection for your business

  • Just one device for all delivery services

  • All order data directly in your POS system

  • More sales with delivery services

  • Save time and personnel costs

How Delivery Connection works

Minimize your effort and increase visibility with Delivery Connection. By integrating all delivery services in just one application, daily operations and a smooth ordering process are made easy. In addition, all incoming orders are clearly displayed on just one screen of your choice, saving space, time and personnel costs. The data transfer with your orderbird PRO POS system also ensures that you do not have to additionally merge different final receipts at the end of the day - tax office compliant with less effort. You can also easily changes your menu and receive valuable insights and statistics of your sales.

One device for all delivery services

The guests have the choice. Today they order here, tomorrow there. To make your offer as prominent as possible, work with delivery services. If you work with several delivery services, you need an additional screen for each delivery service. In addition, you also need personnel to coordinate these different delivery services. Delivery Connection powered by Deliverect simplifies these processes for you. On only one device you can view all orders of all delivery services - this avoids unnecessary errors and saves you valuable time and personnel costs!

All order data directly in your POS system

The benefits of integrating all delivery services also become apparent when it comes to data connections. Our Delivery Connection transfers all relevant order data directly to your orderbird PRO POS system. It doesn't matter how many different delivery services you work with. All data ends up where it belongs - in your POS system. This not only makes exports more transparent for your tax advisors, but also reduces your workload by reducing the amount of data that has to be transferred. This saves you a lot of stress and helps avoid errors.

More sales with delivery services

Delivery service platforms function like search engines for hungry guests who want to order. If your food business is listed on delivery platforms, your visibility increases. That increases the number of orders placed with you. That increases sales. Delivery Connection supports you in this. How? By providing a high level of visibility and clear ordering processes, which leads to faster delivery times. Faster delivery times result in you appearing higher up in the delivery services' search results. In addition, customer satisfaction increases due to faster deliveries and this increases customer loyalty - the ordering guests become regulars. It pays off.

Save time and personnel costs

Delivery Connection allows you to easily adapt your menu for all platforms – your change is automatically transferred to all platforms. This saves just as much time as the automated data exchange between delivery services, order management and the POS system. Typing errors are significantly reduced and a standardized ticket format for all delivery services makes your kitchen's work easier. This also saves time. You can use this time to deploy your staff more efficiently and increase your service quality or minimize your personnel costs. The times when you needed an employee just for the coordination of the delivery services are over.

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