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Guest registration as a mandatory standard

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you as a restaurateur have to register every guest so that in case of doubt, complete traceability is possible. This data collection is part of the government's requirements to allow restaurants to reopen after long shutdowns. Digital solutions for guest registration simplify your daily work and replace paperwork. Discover here how you can reliably and quickly fulfill contact data collection.

This is how easy Guest Registration works

  1. Your guests scan the QR code
  2. Guests enter their contact details
  3. Automatic storage of the data in your database for maximally 4 weeks

The most important benefits of digital guest registration for your business

  • Secure digital contact data collection via QR code

    Easy check-in and check-out for your guests without smartphone app

  • Fulfill documentation obligations

    With a simple export, you can transfer the contact data to the responsible authorities in case of an infection

  • Efficient management

    Effectively collect and manage contact data according to the obligations

  • Compliance with data privacy regulations

    Contact details are securely stored on servers within the EU

  • Automated deletion of personal data

    The personal data of your guests will be deleted in a timely manner and automatically, just as required

  • Optional reminder function for returning guests

  • Easily create QR codes for signs at your business

Digital guest registration in the times of Corona

Contact data tracing of your guests is a measure that was decided by the authorities in order to combat the Corona virus. This results in a documentation responsibility for you as a restaurateur, which you can easily fulfill with our guest registration. The digital solution meets all data privacy regulations and is therefore superior to guest lists collected on paper - more security for the guest data, less effort for you. Save yourself additional administrative effort and protect your employees at the same time - thanks to the contactless and free self-check-in via QR code on the smartphone.

Let your guests do the contact data collection

The advantages of digital self-check-in lie in the ease of use for you and your guest. Your guests do not need an additional installation of an app, but can simply access and fill out an online form using a QR code. Contact information, such as a phone number, is stored in the system for the mandatory number of days. The information is then securely stored for you in a database in accordance with applicable data protection laws. The next time a guest visits you, the reminder function helps to complete the registration even faster. This enhances the customer experience and allows you to focus on the core of your work - the benefits of your hospitality business.

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