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Build customer loyalty and retain satisfied guests

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Go the extra mile

A hospitality business is missing a big piece of the puzzle if it has great assets but no one knows about them. The consequences might be empty tables and missed sales opportunities. With orderbird’s Guest Marketing feature, we enable you to tell the world about what you have to offer. Using this tool, we will help you reach new customers, retain existing guests and increase the efficiency of your guest communication through targeting. Combine the orderbird POS systems with Guest Marketing to get started!

The advantages of Guest Marketing:

  • Increase your reach, customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized, email communication.

  • Access to an online customer database within Guest Marketing that will help you target your digital and in-person message for greater success and better customer service.

  • Encourage guest reviews for a more favorable online presence.

Optimize your marketing

Communicate offers and promotions to your guests through Guest Marketing to ensure your tables are full. With the offer and promotion feature, you can invite guests for happy hour or brunch discounts on selected days and times in combination with our Online Reservation System. Keep your customers up to date on the events and offers in your restaurant, and never miss an opportunity to fill a table.

Get to know your guests better

In the guest database within orderbird’s Guest Marketing, vital information about your guests is collected in one, online destination. Reservation days, booking notes, guest feedback and reservation behavior are bundled together in the Guest Marketing tool to enable you to provide personalized service to your guests. Targeted marketing is key to having your message resonate with your customers. Easily divide your guests into target groups within Guest Marketing to send out specific offers that will be of interest to them. Your staff will benefit from the search function in the guest database, as they can note customer requests, allergies or other pertinent information for future visits. With Guest Marketing, long-term customer relationships are established and customer service scores will reach the sky.

Improve guest ratings

Past customers’ online reviews are an essential tool for your potential guests when deciding on a restaurant, coffee shop or bar. Build the good word by enabling reviews on your own website and on Google using the guest rating feature in Guest Marketing. This not only improves the restaurant image but also provides you with valuable feedback on past dining experiences.

Keep your customers informed and engaged

You can now communicate with your customers via email newsletter in the Guest Marketing tool. A selection of email templates are provided in the tool, which can then be easily customized by your team for your business. Use the integrated customer database to send personalized newsletters to target customer groups. It has been proven that email marketing increases customer loyalty, as your guests always stay up to date on everything related to your restaurant, coffee shop or bar. The extension of discounts, invitations to restaurant events, new menu announcements and guest birthday wishes are just some of the ways our orderbird clients have utilized email newsletters within Guest Marketing.

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