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Real sales maximizers for your gastronomy business

We understand that the regulations of Corona are a major challenge for you as a restaurateur. Are you losing sales because you cannot fully utilize your space? Then optimize your ability to manage the guest experience. orderbird offers hospitality businesses a guest accelerator for more revenue! Our Guest Management system is packed with features like the Reservation System, Guest Registration, Guest Marketing and an Order System for pick up. With orderbird Guest Management, you acquire more diners, increase your sales and enhance guest satisfaction, all while reducing operational costs and the use of personnel. orderbird now provides one digital source to help restaurants save money.

Stay flexible with Guest Management

  • User-friendly navigation

  • Additional sources of income despite restrictions imposed by Corona

  • Improving the overview in day-to-day gastronomy

  • Add-on product to orderbird POS systems

Reservation System

Ensure that your tables are always full

The reservation system for online table reservations allows you to manage reservations efficiently. This way you receive online reservations in real time. Effectively reduce empty tables, so-called no-shows, thanks to the automatic reservation confirmation sent to your guests. With the 24/7 online reservation feature and increased visibility into numerous partner networks, you can increase your capacity utilization and, in turn, sales. Gain additional insights into the reservation behavior of your guests and optimize your day-to-day business with help from the past-reservation system data.

Digital Guest Registration with QR code

Securely register your guests

Digital guest registration with QR code is the easiest way to register your guest when required. Your guest can check in by entering their contact details and check out again by their own when leaving your venue. The recorded data is saved in a secure database and stored for a maximum of four weeks. This makes it easy and secure for you and your guests. Learn more now!

Ordering System with Digital Menu

Increase your sales by expanding your methods of accepting orders

More and more hospitality businesses are expanding to include pick up services, generating more sales and reaching more guests than ever before. With the Ordering System for Pick-Up, contactless orders are possible in your business and while your customer is on the move. This feature enables your restaurant, coffee house or bar to easily accept orders and make them available for customer pick up. With just a few clicks within the Ordering System tool, you can easily create your very own digital menu. A QR code can then be connected to the menu for contactless ordering and billing in your business. Reduced service staff effort and shorter waiting times for your guests are just a few of the benefits.

Guest Marketing

Build customer loyalty and retain satisfied guests

With Guest Marketing, you can proactively build loyalty amongst your guests and attract and retain new customers. The Guest Marketing feature enables restaurants, coffee houses or bars to extend individual offers and specialized guest service based on a robust guest database. Continue to enhance customer loyalty and build your guest base by utilizing the email newsletter feature to communicate events and offers on a regular basis.

Guest Management Offers

Choose your suitable package

Find out now which of the two packages best suits your needs. For just €49, you can use the Reservation System and Guest Registration, as well as other supporting functions. There is also the Guest Management Plus package, which gives you the additional option of using the Ordering System for pick-up service.

Guest Management with POS from orderbird