Specification of Services: Delivery Connection


“Delivery Connection” is a service of orderbird, which was developed in cooperation with the company Deliverect. This service is aimed at independent restaurants that use or want to use orderbird POS systems in connection with delivery platforms such as Lieferando or Uber Eats.

The aim of Delivery Connection is to seamlessly transfer orders from these delivery platforms directly into the orderbird POS system, therefore avoiding manual interactions by the restaurant, which can lead to errors and costs and negatively affect the restaurant's workflow.

How does the delivery service connection work?

By subscribing to this service, orderbird - in collaboration with the company Deliverect - gives its customers access to the following services:

  • Creation of an account in the name of the customer on the Deliverect online platform, where they will be able to
    • connect and manage all delivery platforms and channels in one place

    • import the menu directly from their orderbird POS system

    • manage and publish the menu across all delivery platforms

    • access sales reports

  • Set up a license on behalf of the customer to access the delivery service connection platform, with which the customer will be able to:
    • manage all online orders and connected delivery platforms in a single place,

    • enter and exit orderbird POS shifts

    • manage the delivery platform(s)

    • pause and activate the delivery platform(s),

    • receive incoming orders from the delivery platform(s),

    • accept incoming orders manually or automatically

    • mark orders as placed (completed),

    • reject incoming orders or orders in preparation for delivery, and View a list of all orders placed and cancelled.

  • Capture incoming orders from the delivery platform(s) directly in the orderbird POS system and MY orderbird Dashboard, including:
    • automatic creation of a new dedicated payment method

    • automatic creation of a new dedicated device

    • automatic creation of a new dedicated table

    • automatic printing of receipts and vouchers for accepted incoming orders

    • automatic updating of reports on MY orderbird

    • automatic updating of customer exports (Z-report, Y-report, GDPdU, DATEV, TSS, DSFinV-K)