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Your shift plan – Keep everything in view

For a successful hospitality business, efficient personnel planning is essential. orderbird’s Shift Planning tool offers an intuitive application for your restaurant, coffee shop or bar to plan for the optimal use of your team. Guaranteeing a smooth daily routine, the user-friendly Shift Planning feature works as easily as our POS systems – use both together to save time and stress.

The advantages of Shift Planning:

  • More efficient staff planning with all data and planning in one, online destination.

  • Ease in the creation and management of staff rosters and position assignments online, giving your employees access to their work schedules at any time and from anywhere.

Digital personnel planning for accuracy

Handwriting shift schedules can be confusing and leave room for error. With orderbird’s Shift Planning tool, you can easily and quickly create and manage your digital employee rosters. Your staff can view the shift schedule online at any time and from anywhere, reducing miscommunication and errors in shift assignments.

Duty Roster - deploy personnel efficiently

Optimize your staff planning online with the Shift Planning Duty Roster. You now have the ability to create employee profiles in the system, define positions to those employees (such as waiter, admin, manager) and to specify work areas within the restaurant. Based on this online data, you can assign shifts to your staff and view in a daily, weekly or monthly format.

Master data collection for staff

The intuitiveness of orderbird’s Shift Planning tool means that restaurants can easily keep a master record for all staff. It is simple to record shifts, working hours, create new employees in the system, define employee positions and manage all of this necessary information for each member of your staff. Information can also be readily accessed by your employees, giving them instantaneous visibility to their shifts and notes added by management.

Shift Planning is available in the Guest Management Plus package.

You can purchase the Shift Planning, along with other time-saving features, in our Guest Management packages. Everything about licensing fees, your options and the scope of the packages can be found here:

Shift Planning with POS systems from orderbird