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Easily manage dining vouchers, coupons and ticket sales

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Sell today for service in the future

During Coronavirus times, dining vouchers have become a popular way for restaurateurs to stay solvent during the crisis. As an additive form of business, restaurants, coffee houses and bars are increasing sales today with vouchers that are redeemed at a later date, whether the voucher is for the customer or given as a gift to someone else. Additionally, customer loyalty can be built and strengthened with discount campaigns and coupons for future dining experiences. Bars and clubs can supplement their current revenue with the ability to sell event tickets. Management of dining vouchers, coupons and ticket sales is efficient and revenue-boosting with orderbird’s Voucher Management feature.

The advantages of Voucher Management:

  • Sell future dining experiences in your restaurant, coffee house or bar, while strengthening your customer loyalty and new customer reach.

  • Positively affect your sales by easily creating voucher offers online – increasing your online reach and customer satisfaction.

Dining vouchers provide a means for new revenue

By offering your guests dining vouchers online, businesses can generate more sales today for a dining experience that will be redeemed later. With our Voucher Management feature, your guests can easily determine the value of the voucher they wish to purchase online.

Voucher Management – simple and digital

Confusing, handwritten notes in the voucher book are a thing of the past. Now you can use the orderbird Voucher Management tool to view and manage the status of all voucher purchases in one, online destination. Additionally, the creation and management of coupons and discounts becomes a cinch within the digital tool. Human error and excess paper are eliminated!

Make it easy on your customers

Dining vouchers are becoming an increasingly popular gift, especially when they are effortlessly purchased online. The orderbird Voucher Management feature makes it convenient for your business, too, as administration needs are lessened. You can sell your vouchers, coupons or tickets directly on the business website or via a link on Facebook. Customers make their payments online, and external payment service providers, such as Stripe or PayPal, ensure that sensitive transaction data is always secure.

Reach more guests in a targeted way

Vouchers can be a very effective marketing tool to help build and strengthen your customer loyalty. Individual discount campaigns provide a lucrative way to bring new guests into your restaurant, coffee house or bar. These new guests may soon become regulars! Create this rewarding, supplemental business for you with orderbird’s Voucher Management tool, and boost your sales to the next level.

Customizable design of the vouchers

orderbird’s Voucher Management feature provides you with modern voucher templates, which you can then customize with your own descriptions and photos. Detailed information, such as voucher values and redemption conditions, can easily be defined by you during the design process. There is no need for any graphic design or programming skills.

Voucher Management is available in our Guest Management package

You can purchase the Voucher Management tool, together with other features, in orderbird’s Guest Management solution. Everything about licensing fees, options and the scope of the packages can be found here:

Voucher Management with POS systems from orderbird