Ordering System for Take-away

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Increase your sales by expanding the way you accept orders

Customer takeaway services are becoming more commonplace in restaurants, coffee houses and bars these days, generating more ways to increase food sales and customer reach. With our Ordering System and Digital Menu, contactless orders are possible on site utilizing QR codes and while your customers are off site. Optimize your business operations and combine your orderbird POS system with the Digital Menu feature.

The advantages of the Ordering System for Take-away:

  • Enhanced customer experience through secure and contactless orders and payments.

  • Increased efficiency of the day-to-day business by enabling you to deploy your staff more effectively.

  • Extension of your range of services with the addition of take-away – more guests can order from you from anywhere.

  • More online visibility through your Digital Menu, ensuring increased customer reach and sales.

Take contactless orders

orderbird’s Digital Menu with integrated ordering and payment functions guarantees you and your guests the secure and quick processing of all orders and payments - everywhere. Orders are easily sent to the kitchen, saving staff costs and order-fulfillment time.

Your smart solution for ordering

Let your guests choose where they want to eat, as they will now be able to order your food off your digital menu from anywhere. With our Ordering System and Digital Menu, restaurants, coffee shops and bars can now offer customers take-away service. Let your guests decide whether they want to eat in the restaurant or pick up their order.

Save time when guests order at the table

With the Ordering System from our Guest Management solution, your guests can easily scan a QR code with their smartphone and immediately have access to the Digital Menu. The integrated ordering function means that all orders are promptly delivered to the order system app in your kitchen, relieving your service staff, optimizing your ordering process and reducing wait times for your guests.

Offer your guests a takeaway option

It is now essential to offer your guests a choice of ordering options. Take-away is becoming more popular, so a restaurant’s presence on the Internet is immensely important. Integration between your website and orderbird’s online ordering system is now possible in the Guest Management system. Your guests will be able to order online via the Digital Menu for pickup, and efficiently process their payment online. All orders are automatically sent to a central location, so that your kitchen staff can begin preparation immediately. Managing ordering options, delivery area conditions, minimum order value and delivery times are efficient and easy with orderbird’s Ordering System with Digital Menu.

The Ordering System for Take-away is available in our Guest Management packages

The Ordering System can be purchased, along with other effective features, in our Guest Management packages. Everything about licensing fees, options and the scope of the packages can be found here:

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