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Online TSS for 139 € per year

The KassenSichV (short for Cash Register Security Ordinance ) was implemented in 2020. The obligation to issue receipts to customers, the cash register reporting requirement and the certified technical security system (TSS) are the most significant of the new regulations for restaurateurs in Germany. orderbird’s simple solution is the Online TSS, and we are offering it now for an introductory price of 139 € per year. As a business owner, rely on security to avoid penalties of up to € 25,000!

How the orderbird Online TSS works

The orderbird POS software sends all tax-relevant transactions directly and securely to the orderbird Online TSS. This tax-relevant information, such as orders, cancellations, invoices and payments, is saved in the TSS of the POS and supplemented with data such as the current time and the serial number of the POS system. This data is then signed with a digital key. Each customer has their own key. In the Online TSS add-on module, all data is thus stored in such a way that tax auditors can detect further manipulations via this interface. Since the orderbird POS system does not allow any subsequent manipulation, nothing changes for our customers.

Surprisingly simple: To activate the Online TSS, you as an orderbird customer only need to click twice and you are already fiscalized!

Advantages of the Online TSS compared to hardware solutions

  • No extra hardware installation: Additional devices such as special printer models or USB sticks are not required.
  • Secure solution: Loss or damage to hardware is impossible with Online TSS.
  • Unlimited storage space: No need for regular hardware replacement due to storage space problems.
  • Increased data security: All necessary data is stored in the professional data center with backup copies.

The orderbird KassenSichV guarantee

orderbird is 100% tax office compliant. This also applies to the changes made by the Cash Security Ordinance. We assure this with our KassenSichV guarantee.

KassenSichV 2020 orderbird as your secure partner!

  • Tax compliant

    The orderbird cash register is 100% tax office compliant according to GoBD!

  • Carefree cash audit

    Since 2020, digital POS systems will require a technical security device. orderbird offers the user-friendly Online TSS as a solution.

  • Constantly updated

    The orderbird POS offers you free software updates and additional modules for every legal requirement by the BSI and tax office.

  • Fully integrated cash book

    To document cash receipts and withdrawals correctly, use our cash book quickly, securely and easily.

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