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Increase your tip now by up to 60 %*

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More turnover through card payment for your catering business. Increase your tip income by up to 60 %* now

  1. Card payments simply integrated

    Our Payments solution is fully integrated into orderbird - for maximum convenience, speed and security.

  2. No basic fee, no minimum contract period

    No hidden costs - you only pay a small transaction fee.

  3. Easy to use

    Our card reader is as easy to use as our orderbird POS system.

  4. Let your guests decide

    Whether with EC card, credit card or via NFC - with Payments from orderbird your guests can pay as they wish.

No hidden costs, no basic fee, and no contractual obligation

Your guests look at you with a blank stare when they can't make cashless payments? According to the EatPayLove survey, 91% of guests expect card payment as a service. With orderbird's payment terminals, you can meet these expectations. For low transaction fees, your guests can pay quickly and easily with Maestro and credit cards, and also contactless via NFC. Your staff only needs one click for this: simple, fast and secure. No hidden costs, no basic fee, and no contractual obligation.

Choose between our payment terminals

Pay Terminal Plus – Secure. Fast. Flexible.

299 € per device**

  • Flexible usage and stable connection via WLAN
  • Contactless payment with NFC
  • Receive higher tips with the free tip input
  • The right decision for frequent payment transactions
  • Multiple terminals can be combined
  • Color touch display
  • Logo is transferred to the card reader contributing to the corporate identity
  • Robust design

**For new customers / first time purchase

More customers = more sales

Did you know that more than 90 percent of guests visiting a restaurant now expect to be able to pay by card? And about every third guest has even decided against visiting a restaurant at some point because mobile card payment was not possible there. This can have negative consequences for you as a restaurateur and your turnover. Guests who decide against a visit will not think twice about your place. Let the guest decide how to pay.

Fees based on turnover

With Payments from orderbird you do not sign up for a minimum contract period. You only need our mobile card reader. After one-time activation, you can use Payments. You are not bound to fixed fees. You also do not have to fear hidden costs. The only thing you can expect is low transaction fees. These fees only occur when guests actually pay you. For only 0.95% when paying by debit card and 2.5% when paying by credit card, you can increase your service offering and customer satisfaction. Guests should not decide against an additional espresso just because they don't have enough cash with them!

Cashless payment - by card, phone or smart watch

Today's guests love NFC payment. NFC what? NFC means Near Field Communication. This is the technology that is needed to pay with a smartphone (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay) or with cards by simply touching the card reader. Contactless payment is significantly faster than cash payments. This saves you as a restaurateur and the guests a lot of time.

Cashless and contactless payments also simplify accounting, as all transactions are automatically recorded in full in the orderbird PRO POS system. It reduces the time and effort required to collect change, deposit receipts at the bank, count and sort the money every day and the tiresome cash accounting - all these additional tasks are reduced thanks to cashless payment.

All benefits of Payments at a glance

  • Fully integrated into the orderbird PRO POS system

  • Simple registration process and easy-to-use

  • Low accounting effort, because payments are recorded directly by the POS system

  • No contractual obligation and no basic fee

  • Higher guest satisfaction due to free choice of payment option

  • Lower staff costs due to faster and error-free accounting

orderbird PRO: The POS system for your hospitality business

*The tip amounts of 25 orderbird customers were analysed in the period of 6 months before and 6 months after the introduction of the PTP with tip query. The survey was conducted in January 2023 and showed an average increase in tip income of 62.44 %.