orderbird – features of the iPad POS system at a glance

  1. Card payment: cashless payment collection

    Your customers look at you blankly if they cannot pay without cash? With the orderbird card reader this will not happen to you. Your customers can pay easily using their Maestro and credit cards for a small transaction fee and contactless payment using NFC is also possible. Your staff only requires the appropriate hardware and a click: simple, quick and secure. You can easily buy the necessary card reader with our Starter packages. This means you do not have to fear hidden costs, basic fees or a contractual obligation.

  2. Wireless ordering: save legwork and a lot of time!

    Wireless ordering ensures higher sales and lower costs. And how? – through improvements in the division of labour. Benefit from shorter walking routes for your service staff and reduced waiting times at the counter. Wireless ordering takes over this legwork and allows you to provide better service for your guests. Your staff can communicate more clearly and look after each guest more attentively, which in turn leads to higher additional sales and more frequent table changes. In addition, work becomes easier and quicker, as unnecessary extra trips to the kitchen become a thing of the past. Say goodbye to the paper chase and easily optimize your work processes.

  1. my.orderbird: your business headquarters on the go!

    my.orderbird is your own personal virtual office. You'll learn all about your sales figures and statistics there. In the detailed transaction report, you can see what your top sellers are and which products only generate low sales. With my.orderbird, you can see what is happening in your catering business financially – at any time and from anywhere. You have access to every invoice and are always ready for a tax audit. This allows you to identify deviations or particularities quickly. Stay in control and keep track of the figures.

  2. Course control: everything in good time!

    First the soup, then the main course and later the dessert – each guest has their own pace. With course control in your catering business, you can ensure that the different courses reach your guests at just the right time. If you offer several courses, you or your staff can easily adjust the number. With this feature, the bar and the kitchen immediately know which tasks they need to perform when. A course receipt is booked for each course to maintain an overview. Your staff can then, depending on the speed of your guests, make a gesture to indicate that the next course can follow. This improves timing, waiting times are reduced and customer satisfaction increased. Follow your customers’ pace.

  3. Table plans: keep things in sight!

    A new customer comes into the restaurant and you want to offer him the best possible table? However you cannot see what’s happening on all the tables? Use the iPad table plan to improve your overview. Quickly and easily recreate the table plan of your own catering business in a clear grid. With just a few clicks, each table is assigned a number. This helps your service personnel keep control and a clear head. With just a glance, you can see whether or not a table is occupied. Stay flexible: you can additionally always customize the shape of the tables, combine several tables into one or delete tables, regardless of whether you are planning special events or need to improvise in the short term.


orderbird has everything I need to be able to work properly. This allows me to focus entirely on my customers.

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All features at a glance:

You want to know what orderbird has to offer you and your catering business? Here is an overview of all of our features:

  • Item and product groups can be changed independently and easily
  • Special orders by adding an order note
  • Printing to different printers
  • Highlighting preferred items
  • Granting and editing discounts
  • Cancellations with or without giving predefined reasons
  • Setting order processes (e.g. automatic requesting of the desired cooking degree for steaks)
  • Rights management and user profiles
  • Splitting invoices
  • Free price, free text
  • Recreating invoices and subsequent changing of payment method
  • Wireless ordering with the orderbird swarm
  • Change calculator
  • Rebooking tables

…and much more!