All night long - Your POS system for bars and clubs

The story of orderbird began in a famous club. This is why bars and clubs are particularly close to our hearts. Do you want more success for your bar or your club? Forget cash registers or cumbersome POS software for the PC. We will show you all the benefits of the orderbird iPad POS system for your hospitality business.

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The perfect POS system for long nights in bars and clubs

orderbird is quick, easy and efficient

  1. That’s how fast POS systems are today!

    Spend time with your guests, not with the POS system! Features such as Quick-Order and the Favourites screen make it possible.

  2. Transparency and control with the orderbird administrator access

    What drink is most popular and when are things the busiest? A brief glance at your MY orderbird account answers all your questions in real-time!

  3. The POS system, which is also popular with your staff

    Long training periods are a thing of the past! Your staff can get started with orderbird in about five minutes. Neither age nor prior knowledge plays a role.

  4. Cashing up and placing orders made easy

    With features such as invoice splitting and the change calculator, your staff are not even under pressure when cashing up and always make a good impression.

Say "good-bye" to POS dealers!

You have a new drink on the bar menu, change your prices or would like to set an automatic order request? We know that it is often hectic behind the counters in bars and clubs. Using orderbird, you can quickly and easily adapt your POS software according to your needs yourself – without IT knowledge, expensive programmers or checkout system dealers! Programming is straightforward, operation is child's play. No previous experience is required. With less than five minutes training, your employees are ready to start and are prepared for the rush of guests arriving.

With the orderbird POS system, you always have an eye on your success

It’s quite stressful in your bar? orderbird will help you to keep a cool head. Using our system, you are able to easily look over and control all your business transactions. The only thing you need is Internet access. With MY orderbird administrator access, you always have an overview of products and peak times, allowing you to plan better. And the best thing of all: our POS system was developed in cooperation with tax consultants and financial experts and is tax office-compliant in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. You have the export for your tax consultant at the push of a button. This not only saves you the hassle, but also money.

The safe choice for every bar

This already starts with our service of complete assembly on site. Our installers will prepare everything on request so that you can use the cash register directly. You and your team will receive a clear introduction to the operation of the cash register. If you have any questions, our personal contact persons will help you around the clock. Our quality management is certified by TÜV.

More than just cash - Increase your turnover through card payment

Let your customers pay with their card or mobile phone! It has been proven that POS systems with a wide range of payment options increase revenue. The result: Your guests will be happy to stay for one more cocktail because they don't run out of cash. We offer our card reader with our POS system without a monthly basic fee. Even the latest payment methods such as NFC and Apple Pay are no problem.

I am very satisfied with orderbird, because it perfectly supports the special processes in our bar.

Jonny, Jesse James, bar in Frankfurt am Main