Wireless ordering with orderbird

Increase your turnover by up to 20% and simultaneously reduce your personnel costs by up to 50% with the orderbird POS system.

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Wireless ordering means more success for your hospitality business.

Increase your turnover and service level - and save costs at the same time

  1. More time

    Shorter walking distances and waiting times enable your waiters to provide better service to your guests.

  2. Higher revenue

    Faster service and better advice lead to higher additional sales and more frequent table changes, making your cash register ring.

  3. Better service

    Clear communication between service staff and kitchen staff reduces incorrect bookings and cancellations, which results in greater customer satisfaction.

  4. Lower costs

    By dividing the work between service and support staff, personnel deployment can be planned more efficiently. This also saves you personnel costs.

What is wireless ordering?

Wireless ordering brings waiter's notepad and pen into the 21st century. The waiter takes orders with a wireless ordering device such as the iPod touch or iPad directly at the table. In real time, the order is transmitted wirelessly to the kitchen or counter. In this way the order can be prepared directly from the kitchen or bar.

Increase your turnover by up to 20 %

Every guest wants fast service, every service employee wants satisfied guests and every caterer wants a well-running business. Wireless ordering supports each of these points. The biggest plus: speed! You achieve faster table changes due to less waiting time. As 80% of turnover is usually achieved during peak hours, every minute counts. Your employees have more time for entertaining guests and convey a more pleasant feeling of service, which clearly promotes sales. Happy guests order more - see for yourself!

Offer your guests the best service

Your guests expect culinary delights, sparkling refreshments, and fast service. orderbird helps to make your guests even happier. Wireless ordering saves long distances and waiting times at the stationary service cash desk. For your guests, this means: Never again wait too long for waiters, menu, food, and drink or the bill. Never again waving and waving in vain to get the attention of a waiter. Never again wrongly delivered drinks or forgotten extra wishes because the kitchen could not decipher the waiter's handwriting. The result? The service quality increases.

Reduce personnel costs by up to 50 %

You will save money through a better division of labor among the staff with the help of the radio bonus system. You can plan and deploy service personnel more efficiently. With wireless ordering, there is no need to divide up your rooms. Experienced service personnel work directly on the guest, while beginners as runners bring the food and drinks or clear the tables. All in all, this means less downtime, better-coordinated service and happy guests, more lead time in the kitchen and even a higher utilization of the tables. The end result is more turnover and more efficient personnel planning.

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Wireless ordering with 20 iPods? This is only possible with orderbird so easily.

Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Restaurant in Berlin

Wireless ordering - train your staff in just a few minutes

Installing orderbird is easy: The cash register is installed on a mobile Apple device such as iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. As the handling of the mobile devices is self-explanatory, the average training time is only 2 to 5 minutes. In contrast to conventional hardware, you get an inexpensive, high-quality mobile POS system that is easy to use. In addition to these advantages, the orderbird wireless payment system also simplifies control and overview: every order transaction, including cancellations and re-bookings, is automatically recorded in the system. The evaluation of these data is available at any time with your management account MY orderbird.

orderbird - full flexibility for all hospitality businesses

We adapt the POS system to your individual needs and processes: For you as a restaurateur, we only charge for as many terminals as are actually in use in the respective month. This is of particular benefit to those catering businesses that are subject to strong seasonal fluctuations. The pricing model is flexible and ensures increased efficiency - with flexible contract terms or notice periods. Seasonal businesses can also use the wireless service at a lower cost than with comparable mobile POS systems for the hospitality business.