Wireless ordering with orderbird

Wireless ordering means more success for your hospitality business.
With just one step you can increase your sales and service, while saving time and money.

  • More time

    Shorter walking distances and waiting times at the stationary POS system leave your waiters more space for service.
  • More sales

    Faster service and better consultation lead to extra sales and more frequent table changes thereby making your cash register ring.
  • Better service

    Clearer communication between the service and kitchen reduces the number of false entries and cancellations, thus ensuring lower expenditure and greater satisfaction.
  • Lower costs

    By dividing the workforce into service and runners, staff can be planned more efficiently. You will save personnel costs at the same time.





orderbird ermöglicht flexibles Lizenzmodell fürs Saisongeschäft
  1. What is wireless ordering?

    Wireless ordering catapults the waiter pad and pencil into the 21st century. The waiter takes orders directly at the table using a mobile device such as an iPod touch or iPad mini. The order is transmitted wirelessly in real-time to the kitchen or the bar. Your service staff evolve from lone warriors to a smart swarm and are able to work more quickly and more efficiently without errors.

  2. Increase your sales by up to 20%

    Every guest wants quick service, every member of the service team wants satisfied guests, and every restaurateur a well-run business. Mobile placing of orders will help you on all of these points. The biggest plus: speed! By having shorter waiting times you achieve faster table changes. As 80% of sales are typically made in the rush hour, every minute here counts. Your employees are more visible and convey a more pleasant sense of service, which promotes sales. Happy guests order more – try it out!

  3. Offer your guests the best service

    Your guests expect culinary delights, sparkling refreshments and perfect quick service. orderbird will help you make your guests even happier. The mobile taking of orders saves legwork and waiting times at the stationary service cash register. This means for your guests: never again having to wait too long for waiters, menu, food and drink or the invoice. Never again having to wave and beckon futilely to gain a waiter’s attention. Never again having the wrong drinks delivered or special requests forgotten, because the kitchen could not decipher the waiter’s handwriting. True heaven on service earth.

  4. Reduce your personnel costs by up to 50%

    You will save money with the help of the wireless ordering system through an improved division of labour. You can plan and deploy your service staff more efficiently. With mobile placing of orders, division into territories becomes superfluous. Experienced service staff work directly with guests, while beginners as runners bring the food and drinks or clear the tables. Thanks to the automatic transmission, false orders due to misunderstandings between the service and kitchen are minimized. All in all for you, this means less standstill, faster service and happy guests, less harried service staff, more notice in the kitchen and even a higher capacity utilisation of the tables. At the end of the day, this results in more sales and more efficient personnel planning.

Wireless ordering with 20 iPods? This is only so easy with orderbird.

Sabrina, restaurant manager at Schuhbecks Teatro Dinner show in Munich

  1. Wireless ordering: only a few minutes training time required

    Installing orderbird is child's play: the app is installed on a mobile Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. As handling the lightweight mobile devices is so intuitive and self-explanatory, the average familiarization time is between 2 and 5 minutes. In contrast to conventional hardware, you get an inexpensive high-quality mobile POS system that is extremely easy to use. In addition to these benefits, the orderbird wireless ordering system makes control and overview simpler: every order process, including cancellations and changes, is automatically recorded in the system and can be called up at any time in the evaluation at my.orderbird.

  2. Wireless ordering – more time for your guests

    Worn-out shoes, aching feet, long waiting times at the service cash register? Not with the mobile iPad POS system from orderbird. With the aid of the wireless ordering system, legwork is significantly reduced. The secret behind this is the wireless transmission of the order. The division of tables into territories among the service personnel is a thing of the past. Every waiter can take orders or give guests their bill at every table at any time. Your experienced service professionals focus on their real task: consulting the guests. And the runners? They bring the meals and drinks or clear up. The main attraction for the guests: meals and drinks arrive at the table much more quickly, and at the same time a contact person is always present in the dining area to take new orders.

  3. orderbird – complete flexibility for all hospitality establishments

    We adapt the POS system to meet your individual requirements and processes entirely: as a restaurateur, you will only be charged for the number of devices actually in use in the respective shift. This in particular benefits hospitality establishments which are subject to strong seasonal fluctuations. The pricing model is flexible and increases efficiency – without a minimum contract term or notice period. Even seasonal businesses are able, with significantly lower acquisition and usage costs, to use wireless ordering more cheaply than comparable mobile POS systems for the hospitality industry.