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Master every cash register audit! With the fully integrated Cash Book from orderbird PRO, you are on the safe side.

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Simplify your accounting with the integrated digital cash book

  1. Easy to use

    The orderbird Cash Book is just as easy to use as our POS system.

  2. Say goodbye to paperwork!

    Have you ever desperately looked for a Z-receipt? Those days are finally over thanks to the digital cash book!

  3. Tax office compliant

    The orderbird Cash Book simplifies the cash management of your restaurant - 100% tax office compliant.

  4. Fully integrated

    Our cash book is fully integrated into the orderbird PRO POS system - the application is fast, secure and easy-to-use.

What is a cash book?

In your restaurant business, you regularly deal with cash. That's why you can't avoid recording your daily cash movements. The cash book is a journal-like account: All cash movements in your business are recorded there. This applies to both your intakes and withdrawals. The balance in the cash book corresponds to the cash balance in your POS system. In addition, you are legally obliged to ensure that you have a so-called cash balance at all times. This means that the debit balance in your cash book must be able to be checked for accuracy against the actual cash balance at all times. This is the basis of cash book management.

Do I have to use a cash book?

Yes, the law requires all companies with cash income and withdrawals to keep a cash book. The tax authorities also require that your cash registers can be controlled at any time. In the hospitality business, you usually handle a lot with cash. An auditor must be able to see at any time how your cash intakes and withdrawals are made up and what your cash movements generally look like based on your cash book. A POS system with an integrated cash book does not only save you a lot of paperwork, but also a lot of time during an audit by the tax office.

The biggest myths about cash books

When it comes to recording a cash book, there are some rumors

  1. Obligation to record a cash book

    First myth: "As a restaurateur, you do not have to keep a cash book".

    This is not correct. Although the legislator grants exceptions to the obligation to keep a cash book, this only applies to companies that do not have to pay VAT. These include, for example, non-merchants, small businesses or members of the free professions such as doctors, lawyers, designers, or journalists.

  2. Own solutions

    A second myth: "A cash book created using Excel spreadsheets is perfectly acceptable".

    Unfortunately, this is not true. According to the GoBD, it must be ensured that the documents cannot be changed. In Excel, however, every original entry can be changed retrospectively without the change being traceable afterwards. This contradicts the GoBD and can backfire on you during a cash register inspection. It is better to stick to GoBD-compliant solutions such as Cash Book from orderbird PRO.

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