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Manage the capacity of your restaurant to its fullest

In order to better utilize the capacity of your restaurant, coffee house or bar, it is vital that your guests have the ability to make reservations online. With orderbird’s Reservation System, hospitality businesses can accept reservations around the clock. The POS systems from orderbird, in combination with our Reservation System, provide a means for restaurateurs to run their business efficiently, while saving precious time and effort.

The advantages of the Online Reservation System:

  • Acceptance of table reservations 24/7 using the reservation system and other partner networks.

  • Increase in table turnover through accurate table allocation and optimal restaurant capacity utilization.

  • The ability to manage all table reservations in one central location - the online reservation book.

  • Reduced no-shows with reservation confirmations and a convenient online booking and reservation modification tool.

No more paper

  • Accept reservations through all channels
  • Collect all reservations in the reservation book

With our Online Reservation System, your table reservations are collected in one central location – the online reservation book. Of course, you can continue to accept reservations by phone and in person, while reaping the benefit of collecting your digital reservations in the background. Your service staff will be able to take advantage of the user-friendly display and efficiently manage all table reservations in the online reservation book. Cancellations or reservation modifications by your guests are possible with just a few clicks. Organize your reservation planning by simply switching between daily, weekly or monthly views online. Manage guest information, such as contact details and booking notes, directly in the online reservation book, eliminating human error and confusing paper notes.

Accept reservations around the clock

  • Accept reservations at all times
  • Guest will find you online more easily

Your guests can now reach you 24/7 online. By using orderbird’s Online Reservation System on your website, Facebook page and Google listing, your guests can reserve a table online at any time. With instant booking via Google, a table can be reserved directly from your Google listing. This feature not only saves you personnel costs, but also increases your visibility through our partner networks. Your guests can now effortlessly find your business online, while you receive the benefit of simplifying the table reservation process.

Reduce No-Shows

  • Fewer no-shows due to reservation confirmations

Forgotten reservations and double bookings are a thing of the past with orderbird’s Online Reservation System. Guests can easily cancel or modify their reservations online, providing you with the tools to efficiently plan your daily workload. No space will be left unnecessarily empty with our automatic reservation confirmation capabilities.

Optimize your daily business

  • Sustainably increase customer satisfaction

orderbird’s Online Reservation System collects information about the reservation behavior of your guests and provides you with a statistical overview, available for you and your staff at any time. Guests can be filtered in the database by reservation date. The system will then allow you to review your guests requests ahead of time and enable table placements in advance. Your guests will arrive with the confidence that their requests will be fulfilled, and the increase in customer satisfaction will be measurable.

Online Reservation System is available in the orderbird Guest Management solution.

You can purchase the Online Reservation System, along with other valuable features, in our Guest Management solution. Everything about licensing fees, options and the scope of the packages can be found here:

Online Reservation System with orderbird POS systems