MY orderbird & Insights – Management analytics for your business

Find out how to get the most out of your business and how to make it easier for you to cooperate with the tax office and your tax inspector.

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MY orderbird gives you overview and control – anytime and from anywhere

  1. Everything under your control

    See exactly what happens in your business. As the manager, you will profit from smart sales statistics.

  2. Perfectly prepared

    Accounting, tax consultant access and exports for the tax administration - available at any time.

  3. Satisfied guests

    Know exactly what products sell well and therefore increase your turnover.

  4. Simple and convenient

    Check your business processes, change your menu and send documents to your accountant - with just a few clicks.

What is MY orderbird?

In your virtual office, you can check all your POS statistics, view invoices and send GoBD and tax accountant reports. MY orderbird is your personal management access.

Successfully manage your personnel

No more guessing: Use simple key figures to see how much turnover your employees generate. Analyze and compare the performance of your employees in a detailed evaluation. See in which areas you can still train your employees in order to generate more turnover with your business.

What are your top sellers?

MY orderbird will tell you. See at a glance the average consumption of your guests, table occupancy, top sellers and much more. MY orderbird provides you with all important business management key figures. Analyze your seasonal business and plan for next year. This gives you planning security and satisfied guests.

Peace of mind with MY orderbird

No surprises from the tax office: With MY orderbird you always have all tax-relevant documents and exports at hand. Control your accounting and send GoBD reports and tax accounting reports in no time at all.

All benefits of MY orderbird at a glance

    • Management access to all statistics of your company
    • Quick overview and evaluation of your sales key figures
    • Simplified cooperation with the tax consultant
    • GoBD- and RKSV-compliant data history, no archiving risk
    • Permanent control of your sales figures
    • Simple editing and sending of invoices
    • Control of your employees


Know what's happening in your business every day

  • Yesterday's sales
  • Daily top 5 of your drinks and food
  • Ratio of food and drinks
  • Hourly sales and average bill size
  • Percentages for card payment and out-of-home sales

You will receive Insights for free directly in your e-mail inbox and will find out in no time what works well in your catering business and what you can improve in order to operate even more successfully.

Insights is currently available for all hospitality businesses that use our orderbird PRO POS system.